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Upskilling & Reskilling Your Teams!

Building a stronger and more inclusive workforce

On Jun 26 th , 2020, the White House signed an executive order which will influence the federal hiring practices so a candidate’s skills will be given higher priority than their college degree. This is a landmark step in the current workplace and will allow the Government to hire and retain talent.

Digital transformation and being digital-ready are not new initiatives for both public and private organizations. However, CoVID-19 has put these initiatives to the top of the prioritization drawing board. Working remotely which was a privilege has now become the norm. Online learning platforms are on the rise. Kids from the age of 5 are now using Zoom to play with their friends in a virtual world. 1.2 billion children worldwide are out of the traditional classroom. Tools such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard and WebEx are the new learning tools of choice.

The White House further added, “This will ensure that we’re able to hire based on talent and expand our universe to qualified candidates and ensure a more equitable hiring process”. Agile Brains has always valued internal talent and believed in customer satisfaction first! And for our clients, the first customers are their internal employees. Providing them tailored learning journeys keeps the knowledge workers engaged and more likely to come up with creative and innovative solutions to solve challenging problems.

With over 300 courses in our catalog, taught in an instructor-led virtual classroom setting, you are learning cutting-edge technologies in a personalized manner. Since the pandemic, all our training has been conducted virtually and we have trained students in over 30 countries. Your personalized journeys and upskilling initiatives are one step-away.

Upskilling and reskilling is not only about training:

💠 It is about providing them a platform to learn and try!

💠 It is about creating a culture of inclusion!

💠 It is about setting them up for success!

💠 It is about promoting the talent within!

💠 It is about engaging our teams to be the best!

💠 It is about caring for your people!

Our first option when searching for a new technology solution is to hire someone with the desired skillset (whether is DevOps, Microservices, AWS architecture, Kubernetes, Docker, JIRA and many others); we do have a second option – upskilling our teams and pairing them with experts!

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