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Big Data 

We live in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). We are capturing more data than we had ever imagined and the onus is on US now to utilize that data to be more predictable and provide business value to our customers in ways they had not even imagined. ABC provides numerous courses in the field of Big Data to delight your customers!

Big Data Hadoop Bootcamp

Big Data Hadoop training will make you an expert in HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Yarn, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop using real-time use cases on Retail, Social Media, Aviation, Tourism, Finance domain. This course is stepping stone to your Big Data journey and you will get the opportunity to work on a Big data Analytics project after selecting a data-set of your choice.

Apache Spark Bootcamp

The speed, expanded versatility, and new access to powerful APIs and libraries make Apache Spark the undisputed new tool-set for powering big data solutions with distributed cluster computing. Also, for the first time ever Spark gives applications the ability to support serious data science capabilities with R-type data-frames and big data streaming to overcome time constraints.

Apache Kafka Bootcamp

Kafka training helps you gain expertise in Kafka Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Performance Tuning and Kafka Integration with Hadoop, Storm and Spark using Twitter Streaming use case. This course is full of hands on exercises and designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Kafka Big Data Developer.

Imapala Essentials

Impala is an Open Source SQL Engine for Hadoop and this course is for individuals who yearn to develop a better understanding of the MPP SQL query engine or the Massively Parallel Processing, which helps in running Apache Hadoop successfully. Taught by big data experts, we use real world examples to bring the concepts to life.


HBase Essentials

Our HBase training course lets you master the powerful NoSQL distributed database. We provide the best online classes to learn HBase architecture, data analytics using HBase, integration with Hive, monitoring cluster using ZooKeeper. Work on real life industry projects. We provide a detailed understanding of HBase and NoSql concepts and advanced operations in HBase like integration and working with Hadoop ecosystem.

Introduction to Data Analysis

Data Analysis is an ever-evolving discipline with lots of focus on new predictive modeling techniques coupled with rich analytical tools that keep increasing our capacity to handle big data. However, in order to chart a coherent path forward, it is necessary to understand where the discipline has come from since its inception. Start your data analysis journey today.

Data Analysis Bootcamp

Every day buzzwords like "analytics," "insights" and "big data," permeate the pages of our business journals. Companies and departments are well aware of their huge troves of data, and they have access to common tools for leveraging this data. However, much less available are the actual analysis skills to truly understand and realize the benefits of this information. 

Intro to Scrum

This Introduction to Scrum training course will lay the foundation for understanding and building successful agile teams using the Scrum Framework. In this powerful two-day course, you'll grasp the concepts, principles and methods of the Scrum framework and become empowered to execute on your plans for incorporating Scrum practices and techniques into your organization.

Intro to DevOps

Learn how DevOps has brought together years of the most effective and proven practices from development and operations (Agile, Lean, and more) – and aligned them around common characteristics: value, cross-functional collaboration, agility, teams.  DevOps is really the marrying of process, ops, and product. Take this class to learn how to bring these groups together to optimize, re-think, and re-engineer your processes.

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