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Still looking for a 


 We will help you bring one of our experienced functional scrum master with our Scrum Master Solutions

(SMS) Program


Scrum Master Services Program with Agile Brain Consulting

For those of you on the look-out for an effective scum master, Agile Brains Consulting will undoubtedly be your guide to coaching you to the zenith of success. You can hire a scrum master from our expert team to guide yourself for the future to serve as a facilitator for the product owner and the development teams. Embark on the journey of Agile and Lean thinking with our team.


We provide certified experienced scrum masters with over 8+ years of industry experience, and also we boast our certifications including CSM, ICP-ATF, PSM, ICP-ACC or SAFe that keep our team members ahead of competition. Some of the unique services which our scrum master provides include the following:  


  • Defining the goals besides developing estimates and plans for your entire project; 

  • Ensuring that all teams involved follow the scrum process; 

  • Interacting with the product owners to design the product backlogs for the next sprint; 

  • Facilitating the daily meetings and collaborations with the product owners; 

  • Maximizing efficiency and handling the issues that might come up. 

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