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Private Equity Investment Firm – JIRA Assessment

Private Equity JIRA.png

Initial Scenario


The private equity investment firm with over 250 billion assets with over 1200 employees nationally were using JIRA for their delivery organization. Spanning multiple business segments and supporting over 300 investment vehicles, the delivery teams were using JIRA to track all upcoming requests and execute on projects.  Even though their teams were using JIRA, the management team often heard complaints of projects being tracked appropriately and lack of visibility within the technology division. Business stakeholders were unable to predict accurately the timeline for projects and management wanted to review their current JIRA implementation and identify how project delivery and tracking could be improved. 


The Vice President of Technology was tasked with identifying an industry leader in JIRA and Atlassian tool-suite implementation who would assess their current tool usage and help improve their delivery framework. The assessment would be followed by training the teams on the suggested changes and would include coaching the teams on utilizing the tool to better meet the needs of the investment firm. Being in the investment space, speed of delivery and execution excellence were critical factors in choosing their technology partner. After series of evaluation rounds, Agile Brains was welcomed to help the firm improve their Atlassian tool-suite usage. 

How Agile Brains assisted


The Agile Brains team of Atlassian consultants were provided super-admin access to their entire Atlassian tool-suite instance. Our team reviewed the current hierarchy of projects and teams within the firm helping us assess the technology landscape. 


Our assessment included reviewing the current screens, schemes, custom fields, issue types, workflows, projects, roles and add-ons in use within the firm. We evaluated the different reports, filters, dashboards and gadgets the teams were using and how the artifacts were utilized within their planning and execution processes. The leadership team wanted reporting capabilities to help them identify status of projects and map demand of incoming requests to team capacity.


The Agile Brains team created the final assessment analysis document and shared the findings with the senior leadership team including the CTO. Results of the assessment were eye-opening and 40 teams were using over 160 projects to manage their intake requests. Over 80% of custom fields were not used since the last 18 months. Every project had individual workflow, individual screen scheme and independent issue-type scheme which made it impossible to scale and make changes at the global instance level. The management team was amazed the level of improvements which could be made.

Business Value Delivered


Post assessment, the CTO engaged the Agile Brains team to act upon the suggested changes and train the teams on efficient usage of JIRA.

  • Deletion of over 80 percent of un-used custom fields resulting in optimum usage of JIRA

  • Project consolidation for delivery teams which included archiving and deleting 120 plus projects

  • Creation of first ever Firm project template which was used by over 90% percent projects resulting in a scalable framework

  • Cleanup of all inactive licenses resulting in savings of over 150k USD over the next 3 years

  • Trained over 300+ technology and delivery associated on best practices for creating projects and issues within their JIRA instance

  • Removal of all un-used add-ons within JIRA resulting in savings of over 180k USD every year

  • Leadership and Management reporting dashboard helping senior leadership team plan intake of requests and initiatives

  • Team level dashboards and gadgets used in planning and delivery sessions with focus on consistency and simplicity

  • Our team continues to serve as Tool and Technology advisors to the firm in evaluating upcoming requests and add-ons for future needs

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