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Welcome to the era of Micro-Consulting

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Solving your problems with the SNIPER approach

💠 Lead generated

💠 Client call scheduled

💠 Call completed

💠 Proposal Requested

💠 Proposal Submitted

“Thank you so much for sending this proposal over – your team is great and we would love to work with you BUT… due to the current pandemic, not sure if we are ready to allocate so much funds behind our transformation initiatives. As you have read, we have had layoffs and more are scheduled for Q3 and Q4. We really appreciate your time and effort in providing this proposal.”

Have you faced a similar scenario in the last few months? How do we get over this hurdle? The answer lies in Micro-Consulting. A short targeted approach lasting from 2 to 6 weeks to help clients achieve a significant desired outcome. This micro-consulting approach will utilize ->

The SNIPER Approach

S – Synthesize – Every micro-consulting engagement starts off with a quick synthesis of the current landscape

N – Navigate – This stage is critical to evaluate and negotiate all available options and best paths to reach success as part of this short engagement

I – Innovate – Getting to know the key stakeholders, players and team members is critical for delivery

P – Prioritize – Numerous available success criterion will be shared and the highest priority path to achieving outcome will be selected for delivery

E – Execute – Actionable steps needed to deliver the business value to your organization

R – Retrospect – Set of next steps to continue your journey post the micro-consulting engagement and feedback on the process

Our team of process transformation consultants have extensive experience in helping organizations follow value-driven methodologies to achieve business agility. Whether you are a small growing startup, revolutionary mid-size enterprise or an industry leading Fortune 500 organization, Agile Brains Consulting's handpicked thought leaders and industry experts are there to provide you with practical expertise customized to your challenges and needs.

If you are tired of bureaucracy and never-ending consulting engagements and are worried about current challenges, please reach out to us for a new way of solving your most pressing challenges as leaders in the digital space.

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