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Fortune 100 Insurance Corporation - Artificial Intelligence Training Solution


Initial Scenario


A Fortune 100 national insurance corporation with multiple business lines including auto, home, renters, condo, motorcycle and life was interested in using Artificial Intelligence and data analytics for their national website. They wanted to build virtual assistants and Chatbots using Python, Amazon Lex and cloud computing to enhance their customer experience. They were looking for a partner to design and deliver a custom foundational training program on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for hand-picked employees coming from different technical backgrounds.


The training would serve as the foundation for these engineers and help them create their first ever internal Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineering team. The training would have to encompass multiple machine learning and AI based topics and they wanted real-life expertise from the training solution provider. They wanted a partner to help create the outline and expected timeline for the engagement.

How Agile Brains assisted

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The Agile Brains team was engaged by the Leadership & Development (L&D) team at the insurance provider and started with assessing the goals for the AI engineering team. The team identified the main areas of training needed to provide the appropriate foundation including topics such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node, Angular, Python fundamentals, Data analytics, virtual assistants and Groovy. Specific emphasis had to be paid on using Machine learning algorithms to leverage AI and build custom solutions for their customers.


We conducted multiple interviews with leaders and finalized a custom outline on the above mentioned key technologies. The solution would culminate with a 2-day hands-on hackathon conducted by our lead Machine Learning expert evaluating the students on their learnings. A team of 6 technologists was chosen to deliver the 3-week training solution. Each coach conducted the training in their area of expertise and added their feedback for each of the prospective AI engineer.


A final evaluation was created for each student and shared with the client helping them be understand their current state and future needs. The student feedback was conducted for each technical instructor as well as a complete evaluation of the program. The entire solution from inception to delivery took 8 weeks.

Business Value Delivered


The insurance provider was thrilled with the results of the engagement and the students felt amazed at the amount of knowledge they had gained.  


  • Creation of a first ever internal Artificial Intelligence Implementation Engineering team for the insurance provider

  • A repeatable training program for adding more hires to the AI engineering team

  • Improvements to the future training program with reduced hours and longer timeline

  • Over 12+ Chatbots currently being used on their national website

  • 26% increase of customer engagement with the Chatbots on their national website

  • The AI team at the insurance provider continues to expand and grow in size and skills

  • Subsequent deliveries of this AI/ML based training solution are in works with the Agile Brains team


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