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Agile Consulting

Whether you are a small startup looking to deliver your first Minimum Viable Product or a large Fortune 50 company trying to deliver a major initiative, Agile Brains Consulting is your one-stop shop for delivery. Having decades of expertise in Agile transformations, we focus on business value and strategic alignment from Enterprise Portfolio to Program management office to delivery teams.

Our process includes current SDLC assessment, strategic alignment with the leadership team, training knowledge workers and execution on product training. We specialize in understanding your organization’s specific needs, challenges and tailor the solution based on our maturity and readiness of change Be it Scrum, Kanban, Test Driven Development (TDD), Extreme Programming, ScrumBan or Feature Driven Development (FDD), there is never a one-size fits all solution. We tailor your delivery methodology based on your needs.

We believe in a sniper-like approach where we launch your Agile transformation and continue to have our Agile coaches engaged for a few weeks to few months and help you achieve organizational Agility. Get away from "Doing Agile" to "Being Agile". 

Agile Brains Consulting: The Numerous Ways We Help You With

Agile Brains Consulting is a niche consulting firm dedicated to assisting our customers with our suite of solutions for their constant growth and transformation with our strategic plan solutions. The services we offer are best known and appreciated for comprehensive, resulting in your company's positive change. For the best results, partner yourself with an expert team that has established a successful methodology for evaluating all options currently available. We have numerous services from assesssments, consulting, service delivery and training which will help you stay ahead of competition and build high performing teams. 


Our Process Maturity Assessment is designed to assess your business processes or specific aspects of your company to discover the path towards a more systematic and organized way of doing business and planning things. We make exclusive efforts to offer you focused solutions. Therefore, our Maturity Assessment is a significant way to carry out a complete assessment to measure your organization's current maturity and prioritize what to do to reach higher maturity levels. Our skilled team works towards such planning and helps you achieve value-delivery.

All-inclusive solutions, exclusively for you

Agile Portfolio Management refers to our process of selection, prioritization, and control of your company's programs and projects aligning with your focused and well-planned strategic objectives and capacity to deliver the projects. Agile Portfolio Management aids you to shape your portfolio to ensure the optimal prioritization of resources to achieve your organization's best value. We perform with perfection to ascertain the core values are maintained and at the same juncture your business received accurate and useful consulting for your strategic growth.  

Agile for Credit Unions aim to help the credit unions set up strategies and make choices regarding the partners with attention to member experience and long term relevance. The passionate team of industry experts Agile for Credit Unions helps your team achieve the best out of every project. Our experts' partner strategy with education to navigate your credit union towards a solution that everybody feels happy. 

How we redefine consultation?

Agile Philadelphia aims to redefine consultation terms for your benefit. We do it by approaching your strategies from the perspective of your members. Agile Consulting uses the latest techniques to assess and evaluate your organization. We then help your business create long term strategic plans with well-informed decisions for your benefit and ascertain your team grooms with the strategic and latest learning modules for perfection. We educate and guide you on future negotiations to ensure you make the best of every offer. 


Reach out to Agile Brains Consulting (headquartered in Philadelphia) to guide your team. We remain well prepared to serve you at any stage, and we guarantee to aid your team to achieve the best results.  

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