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High Performing

Virtual Squads
Boot Camp

2020 becomes a unique year for organizations all around the world! Facing a global pandemic and office closures, employees are working remotely more so than ever. The era of virtual delivery teams is here to stay.

Checkout our video to learn more about how to

Navigate your Team through a Pandemic

World Map 2.png

Teams Not

Sending multiple emails to explain the same idea

Hard to white board a solution with your team


distant from your team members

-Teams Face-

High Performing Virtual Squads are a reality and a necessity

Are you ready to create and nurture one?

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After taking this Boot Camp  students will be able to:

 Upon Completion of the Boot Camp,  Students will be able to

Understand the key challenges of working with virtual teams

Identifying best tools for communication with virtual teams

Utilize empathy and skills required to develop and nurture their team

Identify and create

a charter for your virtual delivery squads

How to inculcate trust within a virtual team

Communicate effectively with team members to build strong culture


“Virtual Distance”

To be ahead in the curve, your game needs to be ahead too!
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