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Agile for Startups

Immersive Bootcamp(5 Day)

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I have a great idea .. now what?

All entrepreneurs believe they have found the perfect solution and are building the most innovative product; yet over 90 percent of startups fail. Ideas are great but execution is what makes companies successful.

Your challenges can range from lack of planning, working on too many features, to under-estimating effort, to hiring a scrum master to taking too long to have a minimum viable (MVP) ready for launch. Numerous startups are hiring scrum masters and product owners to help them use Agile for their project delivery life cycle. Without appropriate alignment and training, this approach rarely works – Agile Brains can help!



The ICP designation verifies that the attendee has been introduced to these five areas through training:

  • Current State of Startups

  • Agile History & Mindset

  • Individuals & Interactions within a Lean startup

  • Value–Driven Development

  • Consumer & User Involvement

  • Planning and Adapting for upcoming releases

Successful startups use Agile to delight their customers based on their need for faster roll out speeds and improved prioritization techniques. Agile Brains will pair you with a Lean-Agile leader to help your teams get trained and coach on Agile mindset and help you fast-track your product delivery 

Agile for Startups

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