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Don't go chasing Waterfall!

It’s time financial institutions stop chasing waterfall. Traditional delivery has worked well for decades but it’s not responsive enough in today’s financial institution market. Our consumers expect new functionality and process improvements faster than ever. Gone are the days of waiting years or quarters for a new release, we are delivering value in weeks or months in an Agile environment.  Introducing Agile will affect your technology round tables, consulting work, and strategic planning sessions.

As a IC-Agile Certified Professional designation course, this Agile training course offers hands-on practices in Iteration Planning, Product Road map and Backlog, Estimating Practices, User Story Development and Iteration Execution.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current state of your financial institution with focus on points of pain and challenges

  • Creating a cross-functional team with generalizing specialists so the team can develop working software incrementally

  • Practice and maintain a regular cadence when delivering working software each iteration within your financial institution

  • Follow the team approach; start as a team, finish as a team — and focus on delivering value to the organization​

  • Learn the different approach to Agile architecture and design that supports a more incremental and emergent project.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of Agile principles and why they are so important for each team

  • Embrace the five levels of planning at the financial institution portfolio level and recognize the value of continuous planning

  • Build a backlog of prioritized and estimated user stories that provides emergent requirements for analysis and foster customer engagement and understanding

  • Engage in more effective estimating (story points) and become more accurate by being less precise

  • Create accurate Agile release plans that connect you back to business expectations – including hard date commitments and fixed price models

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Build the 30-60-90-day plan for your financial institution to kick-start your

Agile Transformation Journey

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