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Agile Portfolio and Program Management (3 day)

IT practitioners have long known the importance of aligning efforts with business strategy but have approached it with an annual cadence of strategic planning and project selection.  In today’s fast changing world this is just too slow.  Agile has brought an approach to doing work that can respond quickly to change, but at the higher levels of the organization we are frequently not aligning with the Agile approach of delivery and we are still focusing on delivering large releases of products rather than moving to the Minimal Viable Product or Minimal Marketable Feature releases advocated by the Agile approach.  In this class you will learn how to rethink your Portfolio Management and Program Management approaches to maximize the value produced by your Agile efforts.  The class will subsequently look at the subject of  scaling and will review at a high level some approaches to scaling Agile within your organization.

  • Understand Agile Portfolio and Program Management principles and practices that will transform an organizations ability to get ideas to the development engine Just-In-Time to maximize value and efficiency.

  • Gain insights into the reasons for a lean process of continuous adaptive planning that responds quickly to the changing market forces.

  • Survey the several different approaches to scaling and explore the considerations that change the Agile approach at scale.

  • Learn the impact that higher level management can have on the Team Level Agile process and the importance of changing leadership style to maximize the benefits of Agile.

  • Using one scaling approach we will examine some specific details of things that can be done at scale to facilitate Agile planning and execution at Scale.

  • Discuss the steps to cultivating an Agile Culture within an organization and making decisions related to leadership style and scaling approaches within the context of the organization.

  • Disruption, Agile Innovation, Hoshin Planning, Value Alignment, LEAN, Adaptive Planning, Systems Thinking, Distributed Teams, Choosing the right Agile process, Agile Metrics, Ideation, Ethnographic Exploration, Making Investment Decisions

Course Outline

  • Why enterprise value management 

  • Teams, teamwork and structures 

  • Defining value 

  • Frameworks, portfolios, programs and initiatives 

  • Building an adaptive portfolio 

  • Building a value model 

  • Rethinking the PMO as a value delivery office 

  • Scaling inside a program 

  • Strategy and alignment 

  • Identifying value 

  • Understanding the cost of delay 

  • Metrics that matter 

  • Governance with a light touch 

  • Producing a roadmap

  • Funding models 

  • Making value visible - portfolio Kanban 

  • Lean start-up 

  • Learning and adapting 

  • Kaizen 

  • The need for innovation

  • Lead the shift incrementally

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