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Advanced Terraform Bootcamp - 2 Day


Infrastructure automation to provision and manage resources in any cloud or data center.

The Advanced Terraform Training Bootcamp is a comprehensive two-day program designed to deepen participants' understanding of Terraform, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool widely used for managing and provisioning infrastructure in a cloud environment. This bootcamp is tailored for experienced Terraform users who want to enhance their skills and tackle advanced challenges in infrastructure management. Advanced Terraform Training Bootcamp focuses on automation, integration, and advanced use cases. Participants will gain hands-on experience in building complex infrastructure deployments, implementing CI/CD pipelines, and integrating Terraform with other tools and services.


This advanced course will enable you to deepen Terraform expertise, achieve automation mastery, implement security practices within your infrastructure as code architecture and learn about advanced networking configurations. Hands-on labs will allow you to establish guardrails for security, compliance, and cost management through role-based access controls, policy enforcement, and audit and extend workflow automation to all teams in the organization with self-service infrastructure as code and integrate with VCS, ITSM, and CI/CD.

Learning Objective:

After taking this class, students will be able to:

  • Compose infrastructure as code in a Terraform file using HCL to provision resources from any infrastructure provider.

  • Understand advanced Terraform concepts, modules, and state management for efficient
    infrastructure provisioning.

  • Learn how to automate infrastructure deployment using Terraform and integrate it into
    CI/CD pipelines.

  • Infrastructure automation workflows to compose, collaborate, reuse, and provision
    infrastructure as code across IT operations and teams of developers.

  • Implement security best practices in Terraform, including secrets management and least
    privilege principles.

  • Explore advanced networking concepts and configurations in Terraform.

  • Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios through hands-on labs and examples.


Target Audience:

This bootcamp is designed for intermediate to advanced Terraform users, DevOps engineers, Cloud Architects, and IT professionals responsible for managing and automating infrastructure using Terraform. Participants should have a solid understanding of Terraform basics and practical experience with infrastructure provisioning in a cloud environment.


Course Outline:


Part 1: Terraform Overview - Recap

  1. Introduction & Ice-Breaker

  2. Recap of Terraform basics

  3. Best practices in Terraform code organization

  4. Advanced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Patterns

  5. Module design principles

  6. Code reusability and maintainability


Part 2: Terraform State Management

  1. Understanding the important of state

  2. State storage and locking

  3. Importing existing resources

  4. Remote State

  5. What to do when local state is lost


Hands-on Labs

  • Setting up and managing States in Terraform.


Part 3: Advanced Resource Management

  1. Dynamic block configurations

  2. Meta-parameters and interpolation syntax

  3. Terraform Providers Deep Dive

  4. Custom providers

  5. Third-party providers and integrations

  6. Database resources (SQL database)

Hands-on Labs

  • Managing and updating block configurations

  • Utilizing meta parameters

  • Integrations with third party providers

  • Using Terraform commands to validate and inspect your configuration

Part 4: Terraform Templates

This section introduces templates constructs within Terraform that enable you to add more control and flexibility in defining resources.

  1. Templatefile Function

  2. Template Demonstration

  3. Introducing Data Sources

  4. Creating an External Data Source

  5. Building tftpl template files


Hands-on Labs

  • Setting up templates in Terraform

  • Mapping templates with various data sources

  • Utilizing external data sources

  • Building and configuring template files

Part 5: Terraform Workspaces and Environments

  1. Multi-environment deployments

  2. Strategies for managing multiple environments

  3. Advanced Input Variables and Outputs

  4. Variable validation

  5. Output values and data sources


Hands-on Labs

  • Refactoring your infrastructure to support multi-environments

  • Automated testing with Terraform using variables


Part 6: Security Configurations in Terraform

  1. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with Terraform

  2. Setting up CI/CD pipelines

  3. Terraform in a GitOps workflow

  4. Infrastructure Testing and Validation

  5. Unit testing with Terratest

  6. Integration testing strategies


Hands-on Labs

  • Setting up a Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines

  • Automated testing with Terraform using variables


Part 7: Security Configurations in Terraform

  1. Managing secrets and sensitive data

  2. Implementing least privilege principles

  3. Advanced Networking and Security Configurations

  4. Networking considerations in Terraform

  5. Security group configurations and advanced firewall rules


Hands-on Labs

  • Security considerations with Terraform infrastructure

  • Setting up privileges within your architecture


Part 8: Wrapping Up

This section wraps up the course with reviews to reinforce what you have learned..

  1. Reference material to learn more

  2. Course review

  3. Next steps


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