Agile Brains Consulting Inc. combines people, process, tools and technology to provide agile delivery solutions for your organization. We pride ourselves in being flexible, cost-effective and efficient for your training, consulting, coaching and change management needs. Reach out to us today at

Providing Technology Solutions For Your Enterprise


Our Lean-Agile coaches provide process improvement, SDLC assessment and work with your delivery teams to create faster-to-market delivery pipelines for your IT teams.

Management Consulting

We specialize in assisting organizations to improve their performance and help them develop plans for improvement.  From creating business models to launching product to scaling Agile, we assist you in creating your path to success.


We provide cutting edge industry specific training courses in Agile, Lean, Technology, Big Data, DevOps, Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management and soft skills.

Managed IT Solutions

Management Consulting

Training Services

Helping you deliver the best IT solutions.

Agile Brains Consulting specializes in assessing your technology, process, delivery and training needs. We work closely with your teams to identify solutions, provide guidance and help you create improved delivery platforms to solve your technology challenges and wow your customers. 

Agile & Technical Coaching

Management Consulting


IT partner with a shared vision.

We provide coaching and mentoring services to organizations that want to transition to Agile and Lean mindset. Assisting you in creating product vision and strategy, helping you design organizational structure and processes to executing on project plans, we help you create high quality technology solutions.


We do more than just train your employees; we specialize in providing technology solutions for your business needs. Agile Brains Consulting offers expert, affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your short- and long-term IT objectives. We believe in offering business IT services to organizations of any size. With years of experience helping multiple customers in different domains, we are ready to tackle your IT strategy or special projects.


Whether you are a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, Agile Brains Consulting is your one stop shop for your training needs. Our trainers are certified in a variety of technologies and have decades of real-world experience to the classroom. We match our trainers with your vertical and can customize content based on your organizational needs. We have trained thousands of students world-wide and our list of clients continues to grow and look forward to assisting you in your training initiatives.